DreamLeague Season 8 will be a Major

DreamLeague Season 8 has been officiated as a new Major tournament

Upon Valve taking a more hand off approach on the competitive scene, giving more control over to third party organisers, they are finally revealing some more information. Valve has decided to crown DreamLeague Season 8 on of a few tournaments in the coming year to be a Major tournament. This will mean top teams from these new ‘majors’ will be allocated competitive points, which will allow teams later in the year to join TI8. Also, these new approve ‘major’ tournaments will receive funding from Valve.

The DreamLeague Season 8 has always been a large event, so it’s great Valve has decided to acknowledge them as one of the ‘major’ tournaments important to the competitive scene. It is expected many more tournament will be sponsored Valve in the future as they move towards greater partnership with third party event organisers.