Dreams of SKT crushed

The chance for a perfect run at MSI has ended for SKT

Due to Sk Telecom T1’s disappointing and unexpected losses to both Flash Wolves and Teo am WE. The past 2 days results have been shocking to day the least from fans, as SKT were shown to be extremely strong, an amazing 6-0 only a mere 2 days ago. While performance has dropped slightly, there is still no doubt that SKT is the strongest team in the world, and are still currently holding the top spot in the League of Legends Mid Seasonal Invitational.

Flash wolves defeated SKT and delivered them their first loss only 28 minutes into the game, where Flash Wolves were ahead of the worst champions by an incredible 15 kills to 2.

World Elite then managed to take a win against SKT with a fairly long 37 minute game, where World Elite held 21 kills compared to 9 kills by SKT.

In the two games, Faker was starved from kills and minions, compared to his usually strong and stable game play. This allow the enemy side laner to exert more pressure, and due to both lanes losing, further enlarged the gap between Faker and the other mid laner.