Dreamscope vs Brutality, Tips Odds and Betting Previews; ESEA Open Season 22 Asia



Dreamscope and Brutality are matched up against each other in the ESEA Open Season 22 Asia match to be held on the 11th of August 2016 at 1430 CEST


Brutality is the Indian team consisting of V3nombiceps, foxy , astaRR etc. This roster has not been able to win many matches for the past few months, however that being said they did manage to score a 2-0 win versus The Mongolz team. Granted the Mongolz team is quite depleted with the loss of one of their key components for the team. Brutality still does have to prove its consistency over long periods of time. However that being said, Dreamscope dont seem to be extremely good.


Dreamscope has played versus some good teams including Mineski, TheMongolz, MiTH and Signature. These teams are somewhat decent teams and the practice endured by Dreamscope will come in handy. The issue with Brutality is that they dont have a lot of experience. Brutality is still inexperienced as a team and it would not be much of a surprise if they dont manage a convincing win over Dreamscope.


The Prediction : 50%-50%

The Bet : Low on Dreamscope ( based on the off chance of an imbalanced matchup between the teams)