Druid needs a nerf – Hearthstone

Blizzard defintiely needs to adjust druid, like, right now

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Ever since the latest expansion in Hearthstone, Druid has become absolutely ‘broken’, currently the top class when compared to the other heroes by FAR. Not only is druid extremely strong on ladder, where most of the top players are either requiring to play the deck to have a chance to compete in getting legend, but arena is also getting over turned.

Right now, Druids with a fairly decent draft will 80% of the time, get above 7 wins providing they don’t purposely throw the game and take risky plays. This means arena has reached a state where it is almost impossible to do well without getting either a druid pick, or a hand with insane board clear and synergy.

Many members of the community are taking their sorrows and complaints to Reddit. If Blizzard doesn’t nerf these cards immediately, there will definitely be members who quit.