Duo queue removed for Challenger ranked players – League of Legends

Riot has announced that Challenger players will only have the solo queue option in ranked game play.

This move is definitely to make climbing challenger solely based on individual skills, where the best players will win more games on average without the consistent reliability of a set team or duo queue partner. This will also mean climbing for some challenger players may be a lot harder, tedious and time consuming since more games have to be played and won. Jungler mains will be affected the most, as it is unlikely they will be able to camp and target a specific lane as the duo queue communication isn’t there so it is expected many aggressive junglers may fall off.

This change surely does not directly affect many players since only 0.001% of the League of legends community are currently in challenger. This also doesn’t affect players that much since the climbing in challenger has no direct effect from players in bronze – diamond where over 98% of the community currently lies in.

The removal of duo / dynamic queue does however pack quite a punch in viewing experinces such as League of legends streams and videos. The change means your favorite challenger players will either not be able to play on their main account or they are unable to play with other streamers or ton their main account due to the restriction.


The following streamers wil be affected :