E-Frag vs Faithin


E-Frag vs Faithin.

Today on the 18th of December 2015 at 5PM GMT we view these two teams face off in a Best of Three event as part of the ” Rising Stars Balkan . Rising Stars Balkans is the first of a series of regional online tournaments to be hosted by E-frag.net from December to May, with a total of $13,000 being distributed across these competitions.

Faithin are a very low skilled team who have lost two of their only games played. That is a 0% win rate so far while EFRAG have won one of their games against LDLC Blue.

EFRAG have a 20% win rate of their last five games but bear in mind they were playing against G2 , LC , TSM and Titan all tier one and two teams.

Rosters include;

E-Frag: spyleadeR, bubble, nkl, v1c7oR, dream3r

Faithin: Slayness, foqs, ajele, near, fajkus

Map Veto has been completed and the maps are :Dust2 , Cobblestone and Cache. A quick addition to this is EFRAG’s best map is Cache!

My prediction is 88% for EFRAG to win.

Calvin Hynes.