E-Frag vs Youporn – Starladder I-League Invitational EU Qualifiers #2 – Tips, Odds and Preview

Starladder I-League

Efrag and Youporn are matched up against each other in the Starladder I-League Invitational Qualifiers #2 to be held on the 23rd of March 2016 at 19:00 CET.

  • Recent match results: Efrag Matches
  • Efrag have beaten some really good teams recently including DenDD, K1ck, SK and Method. Granted that some of these matches were close, however a win is a win and it shows the winning mentality of the team.
  • Efrag is one of the premier T2 CIS teams and have consistently upset some of the top EU teams
  • This match is a single elimination match and it is an important one for the team who were in a huge slump in January 2016. The match is important not only for the prize pool and title, but also for team stability and confidence.


  • Youporn’s recent match results: Youporn matches
  • Youporn have had a very miserable track record since November 2015 getting destroyed by their opponents. You can check the image above, they have lost matches 16-1 and 16-2.
  • The team’s gameplay is very incoherent at the moment.

The Prediction : 75%-25% Efrag

The Bet : Medium on Efrag.