e-mFire vs. Longzhu Gaming – LCK 2016 – Week 4 – Day 3 – Preview

e-mFire vs. Longzhu Gaming are matched up against each other for the League of Legends Champion Korea will be held Wednesday, February 5, 2016 – Day 3 Week 4.


After a tense match between Jin Air and Samsung, comes a match between some on the weakest teams currently in the tournaments. e-mFire like last year, isn’t managing too well with its only win being against the bottom team SBENU SONICBOOM, which isn’t too much.However, even thought they lost a decent amount of matches, to be fair, they did match against many strong teams such as 2015 world champions SKT and Jin Air, one of the top teams currently this split. In they matches between SKT, they were found to be very lack luster early game, constantly falling behind at the start, which are signs of them being on tilt.

Longzhu Gaming are doing okay, considering they are on an average score of 2 wins and 2 losses currently. Note that one of their wins were against Jin Air, one of the top teams now, which is definitely a great achievement. Since longzhu managed to cost Jin Air their only lost, they should be one to watch.

Predictions : e-mFire 45% l Longzhu Gaming 55%