Echo fox complete roster overhaul!

Echo fox has locked in their 2018 NA LCS roster with 5 new members

A few days back, Echo fox had announced they had signed FeniX as their new mid-laner without anyword on other remaining members. This revealed the team has gone looking for other players, only now has it been confirmed Echo fox has completely replaced their existing roster.

The team has signed 2 former Dignitas players, Altec and Adrian, talent that is undisputable within the NA scene. In addition, they also signed former team leader Dardoch. Unexpectedly, Echo Fox has decided to go all out and sign former SKT top laner, Huni, one of the best top laners in the world that also previously played for Immortals in the NA scene.

In addition, the organisation has revealed their new academy team (secondary sister team). This likely means Delta Fox, aka, the streamer dream team, has ended their partnership with the org.

Academy team:

Papa Chau