ECHO fox to wait and watch before joining any team organisations

The Esports scene has been growing at a frantic pace. This has prompted the players to form organisations in order to voice their opinions and demands in a unified and better position. However the fragmented nature of these associations along with their proximity to certain specific organisers is something that has been spoken at extensively.

Echo fox

One such prominent team holding out on joining any organisation is Echo Fox. Echo Fox is backed by Rick Fox. PVPlive had a conversation with Echo Fox CEO Jace Hall.

The advent of the Professional Esports Association in North America and the ESL backed World Esports Association (mostly in Europe) didn’t include every single team out there. One of the more notable North American organizations not on the PEA’s docket at launch was Echo Fox.

“I’m for any sort of collective motion on the players’ behalf to create a more stable economic environment for them,Echo Fox is not currently looking to join any particular association currently, but certainly I’d say we want to support a positive motion [towards them].”

“What remains to be seen is, as these organizations evolve and crop up: how are they managed?” Hall continued. “The management and style of these organizations will dictate a lot and how they run are going to determine how other teams and advertisers interact with them. From our perspective, it’s important to make sure that everyone knows what they are doing before Echo Fox gets more intimately involved.”


The associations are slowly but surely growing. Echo fox on their part will wait and watch the scene before deciding on joining any particular organisation. Fragmented community could be detrimental to the community rather than being helpful.