Echo Fox vs. Apex – NA LCS week 8 – Previews & predictions

Echo vs apex

Game after game after game, Echo Fox continues to tank the losses as they approach the dreaded relegations tournament. What comes to a surprise is that Echo Fox actually starts games with a decent game plan; able to pick up first bloods, strategically group together in the early phases and coordinate resources effectively. However, this is only within the preliminary stages of the game. Echo Fox are unable to translate small early leads into more objectives, more kills or more pressure.

Apex on the other hand have developed into a top-centric team, relying on the power plays of Ray while using his assertive plays to pick up objectives, vision and towers elsewhere. Apex are without a doubt favourites for this match-up; their past performances, stats and individual mechanics are simply on another level compared to Echo Fox.

The only question I have to ask myself is what kind of risk is there in betting for Apex to win? Echo Fox have been playing consistently poor for the past eight weeks, taking past performances would mean there is very little chance for Echo Fox to cause an upset. Overall, Apex should cruise to an easy victory, especially in a best of three series.

Prediction: Echo Fox 35% | Apex 65%

Bet: Apex win (Series or maps)