Echo Fox vs. Counter Logic Gaming – NA LCS week 8 – Previews & predictions

echo fox vs clg

Could Echo Fox finish this split with more than just a single win? The honest answer is: no.

Echo Fox have fallen into a deep, deep pit of irrecoverable team errors. The burden of having a poorly performing team is placed on the team’s leader, Froggen. Froggen is the lifeline of Echo Fox and yet, isn’t doing so well himself in the face of NA’s strong mid laners.

Overall, Echo Fox are far too weak right now to face almost any team in the NA LCS. Starting with poor individual mechanics right through to messy team cohesion and poor mid-late game decision-making, they some crazy miracle to improve.

With CLG ramping up their performances last week against C9, and a proven history of beating these lower tier teams, should cruise to an easy 2-0 victory.

Prediction: Echo Fox 15% | Counter Logic Gaming 85%