Echo fox vs Ronin , Tips Odds and Betting Previews – ESEA Premier Season


Echo Fox and Team Ronin are matched up against each other in the ESEA Premier Season match to be held on the 5th of August 2016 at 0400 CEST

Echo Fox lineup consists of consistent top level players such as freakazoid, Shahzam, Roca, gares. By consistent top level players, I mean this is one of the top na teams. They pose a serious challenge to Liquid, cloud9 for the top two spot. Freakazoid entry fragging under the guidance of Sean gares and the backup of shahzams awp is definitely a lethal combo. In addition Roca and ryx add an untested element to the team. Echo fox is definitely the stronger team here and should have no problems in winning this match.

Ronin consists of several ex pros. Miknutty and emode are all players who are past their prime. Banks has not played against the top brass much so not much cab ve said about him. The others are still unknown players.

The Prediction : 85℅-15℅ Echo Fox

The bet : High on Echo Fox