Echo Fox vs Team SoloMid NA LCS – Week 7 – Day 1 – Preview

Echo Fox vs Team SoloMid are matched up against each other for the NA LCS Round 7 Day 1 game to be held Saturday February 27, 2016 at 1pm PT.

Echo fox






Kfo : Hauntzer
Hard : Svenskeren
Froggen : Bjergsen
Keith : Doublelift
Big : Yellowstar

Echo Fox

Echo Fox are on the rise, and with Froggen and Keith back, they are looking like a strong team. Froggen is able to gain early leads, especially on champions like Corki, and Keith is able to carry the late game. However, their late game shotcalling isn’t perfect, as Big is very erratic and loud, which overshadows Froggen’s shotcalling, and could confuse his teammates.

Team Solomid

For TSM, after losing two winning games last week, they need to recuperate and find their form, and chase CLG and C9 who are tied in 2nd. Late game team fights and positioning is what caused them to lose their previous games, but with a week of practice, they may be able to fix these problems and come back strong this week.

Overall, the mid and AD carry roles will be the most influential roles, as all 4 players are carry players, meaning junglers will be needed to help snowball, but whether Svenskeren or Hard will cause that remains to be seen.

Chance of victory: Echo Fox: 45% : Team Solomid: 55%