Echo Fox vs. TSM – NA LCS week 7 – Previews & predictions

echo fox vs tsm

Echo Fox are falling into an embarrassing slump. And yet at the very back of my mind I ask myself, “Could they possibly pick up at least one win against TSM; like they did last time?”

Last week, Echo Fox lost their match against Phoenix 1. To which a large majority of LCS fans, Betting Sites and Pro players themselves speculated that Echo Fox should claim their second victory of the summer split. However, it is very unlikely that Echo Fox will be the ones creating the upset this time, as both their individual and team play has been extremely poor.

TSM should be able to dismantle Echo Fox from the moment minions spawn. With veteran understanding of how to lane-swap, allocate resources in 1v2 situations and pushing advantages, a 2-0 victory is something that is very plausible. We also need to consider the fact that Echo Fox, despite being very bad, did put TSM fans in a nerve racking 1-1 situation back in week 5. This goes along with TSM’s mentality that they shouldn’t be dropping easy games to weak teams and winning hard fought victories against stronger ones.

Overall, TSM are going to dominate Echo Fox. Enough said.

Prediction: Echo Fox 20% | TSM 80%

Bet: Perhaps consider bets on Map 1 and Map 2 winners (for TSM of course)