EchoFox vs Flipside| E LEague Group E | Tips Odds and Previews


eleagueEchofox and Flipside are matched up against each other in the Group Stage of E League Group E tournament to be held on the 22nd of June 2016 at 22:40 & 23:50 CEST respectively.


We have not really seen either team much on Nuke. Nuke is a relative new addition to the map pool and the teams are not as well versed on this particular map. Echofox have shown a tendency not to play well on maps that they are  not well versed on. As such , I think they wouldn’t want to play on Nuke against Flipside.



Flipside on the other hand are really good on Train. Until recently, Train used to be the first ban against Flipside even by some of the best teams on Train. Flipsideś experience on Train comes from the multitude of matches that they have played on this particular map. Flipside definitely should be able to win Train easily.


The Prediction : 80%-20% Train for Flipside

The Bet : High on Flipside on Train, Skipping Nuke.


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