Echofox vs NerdRage Preview, Analysis and Odds

NerdRage vs Echofox


Today we will analyse the match up between NerdRage and EchoFox. This is a Best of Three event hosted by ECS Season One. The game will begin at 9PM GMT 30/04/2016.

NerdRage have occupied their time with ESL Pro League Season 3 where their performance has been a little inconsistent, winning and losing a number of games.
NerdRage Results:
NerdRage vs TSM = LOSS
NerdRage vs Optic = LOSS
NerdRage vs Optic = WIN
NerdRage vs Splyce = WIN
NerdRage vs Splyce = LOSS

EchoFox have a solid line up but with the recent loss of Moe and the settling of Shazam. It’s unlikely that in such a short time they will have their strategies sorted out. They will have dedicated all their time and effort into ESC Season One.
EchoFox vs LG = LOSS
EchoFox vs CLG = LOSS
EchoFox vs Cloud9 = LOSS
EchoFox vs TSM = WIN
EchoFox vs Optic = LOSS

My prediction : Both teams seem inconsistent however NerdRage have performed more consistently overall and EchoFox will be affected by the recent roster change.

Calvin Hynes.