ECS Development League, Community Caster Challenge, selection announced!

FaceIt have chosen their winners for the Community Caster Challenge. There were numerous participants out of which a few have been selected. The current bunch of casters selected along with information about them are listed


Over the past two weeks, over 170 hopeful casters have been streaming the ECS Development League live on Twitch. The ECS team led by the experienced eyes of Dan Kapadia and James Bardolph have been watching these casters’ submissions intently, looking for the next big names in CS:GO commentating. The Community Caster Challenge follows the ECS goals of growing and developing new up-and-coming players and talent for progression into the ECS main leagues, today they announce the successful casters that will get the chance to cast in season two of the ECS.


The selected ECS Community Casters


ECS Community Caster Challenge winners: Joshua "xDowsey" Dowse

Caster 1 – Joshua “xDowsey” Dowse

“I was actually away from home celebrating my partner’s graduation when the news of the CCC was released and had five people all DM’ed me the article at the same time urging me to sign up. I saw this as a really great opportunity to gain experience as a CS:GO caster, as we had the opportunity to broadcast daily, and the teams were all of a high skill level. Jack and I both sat down the next day to research all of the European teams. We built up our knowledge of the teams and the players, creating statistic sheets and finding out random trivia. The challenge provided the perfect platform to improve as a caster!”

  • 22 Years Old, Australian (born in Bathurst, New South Wales)
  • Social: @xDowsey
  • Josh Started casting exactly 1 year ago 28th Sept, initially with LoL but added CS:GO to his repertoire in June for the National Universities Esports League (NUEL). The NUEL season as the ECS CCC started so he and Jack jumped right on in.
  • Josh loves CS:GO and plays it loads, he also likes traditional sports like rugby and American football and even completed his dissertation on esports broadcasting with a focus on shoutcasting and its strong correlation between traditional sports broadcasting.


ECS Community Caster Challenge winners: Jack Evans

Caster 2 – Jack Evans

“As soon as Dowsey came to me with the link, I knew we had to give the CCC a shot. For starters, this was a fantastic chance to step up from the university scene to cast high level pro games and continue to develop my casting with Josh. The opportunity at stake was incredible but I didn’t want to get my hopes up prematurely – I just came into it as a fan and a student of the game, aiming to take our casting to the highest level we could. I certainly didn’t expect to make it this far! Watching Dan and James’ broadcasts for Faceit is how I first became a part of the CS:GO community so having this chance now to cast for ECS feels a bit like coming full circle.”

  • 21 years old, British
  • Social: @JackEvansCasts
  • Jack started casting for Oxford university’s varsity LAN against Cambridge. For the last year he has been casting inter-university matches each week for the National University Esports League.


ECS Community Caster Challenge winners: William Robert Dallas III

Caster 3 – William Robert Dallas III

“I stumbled upon casting by accident. I would troll pugs and casual games with a very ‘1920’s Golden-Age-Radio Voice’ and fortunately I just happened to be teamed up with a couple CS-related YouTube personalities. One thing led to another and I was soon casting LAN events with the friendly faces at Fragadelphia. It is a sign that the scene is still expanding when organizations are willing to take a risk and work to mold raw talent. All that is needed by many casters is a chance to be seen, and that is precisely what ECS is providing – a stage above the canopy that can provide the needed resources to grow and thrive”


ECS Community Caster Challenge winners: Jamie "SwitchBladeJay" Martin

Caster 4 – Jamie “SwitchBladeJay” Martin

“In October 2015, I started streaming again with a student eSports organisation (The Student Gaming Championships) hosting and casting CS:GO games while also earning my degree in Radio and Television communications. After the organisation folded in January the next year, I continued my degree whilst simultaneously streaming and casting for other organisations in grassroots CS such as TheEsportsHub and EEGOnline. I’ve also expanded to streaming small UK based LAN events such as 4TG GameCon and October’s epic.LAN. ECS have proven with the D
evelopment League and the Caster Challenge that opportunities are out there for anyone who want to get involved in esports. I’ve had a great time working with peers on their streams and networking with other casters around the world to see what the world’s grassroots can pull off when put on the grand stage”



“We were blown away by the response from this amazing community”, said Daniel Kapadia – ECS Professional Caster. “After the first evening we already had over 70 applicants which far exceeded our initial expectations! We had a blast watching everyone’s submissions and it is truly humbling to be able to provide an opportunity to these fantastic personalities”.

All the casters will be heading over to the ECS studios in London early next month where they will meet the other ECS casters and work on the main ECS season.

“One thing that we wanted to make sure of, was not just supporting the successful applicants but also all the casters who worked hard and streamed regularly” Said Michele Attisani – CBO and CO founder at FACEIT.“Hosting the streamers and being a part of their chats was the first step, but we are also planning to support the most promising talent with structured feedback from our professional casters, FACEIT premiums and a few other goodies”

Alongside the successful applicants, the ECS team have created a charming video series promoting all of the casters that will air during the ECS main season, which starts Oct 7 – Live on, as well as planning to stay in touch with the casters for future projects.