ECS Invites Revealed by Faceit

Twitch and Faceit have started their own Counter Strike league, ECS featuring 10 teams from Europe and 10 teams from NA.

The total prize pool for the league is $3.5 million. In terms of prize pool and quality of matches, ECS will be competing with the other major players in the scene such as ESL and Dreamhack. However what sets this league apart is the fact that the team organisations will be given part ownership in the championship. This is similar to what happens in many other traditional sports leagues.

Esports Championship Series ECS

The ECS League’s debut will kick off on Sunday (10th of April 2016). The matches will be streamed live on their twitch channel. 


You can watch the matches live here –Watch live video from FACEIT TV on


The confirmed teams for Season 1 of ECS are :


Europe North America
Astralis Cloud9
dignitas compLexity
fnatic Luminosity NRG
Natus Vincere OpTic
NiP Liquid
mousesports (qualified) Echo Fox (qualified)
G2 (qualified) TBD

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