ECS Inviting teams to sign up for Co Ownership of the league

Esports Championship Series ECSPresented by FACEIT and Twitch, The Esports Championship Series is a ground-breaking esports initiative designed with the goal to help esports grow beyond its current state, while respecting the core values of the esports ecosystem and the community. The league has been designed by adapting concepts common in traditional sports to esports, while leveraging the characteristics that are unique to this vertical. Some of these concepts include team co-ownership, protection of players and promotion of all parties involved to increase the value of a common product.

ECS has always been direct about the approach for the league forward. They want it to be a league that has the teams as stakeholders. This will help the teams decide how they want to take the league forward. The success of the league will become paramount to them as they will have a vested interest in it.

The teams are still hesitant to sign up for the league as can be seen from the way the teams are currently holding out. Only 13 teams have signed up for the league with the rest still deliberating the pros and cons.

According to Faceit, co-ownership brings about a stability to the league. It also makes it easier for them to plan multi-year events without having to worry about attendance from the teams. Recently we see several teams dropping out of Dreamleague Season 6 in Dota2.

Do you think this path is the way forward for eSports tournaments? Will it be a succesful model?

Source – YahooeSports