ECS partner with YouTube Gaming

FACEIT has sign a muilti year agreement with YouTube

FACEIT has signed a deal worth possibly millions which includes a multiple year broadcasting agreement with Youtube Gaming. As youtube aims to expand their broad casting division to compete with, they have secured a major gaming league which will attract tens of thousands of viewers to the broadcast. The agreement details that all future ECS broadcasts will be exclusively found on the FACEIT Youtube Channel, and prevent them from streaming on any other platform for any ECS broadcasts.

Youtube states :

 This is our most significant investment into esports to date and illustrates our continued commitment to growing esports with the hundreds of millions of gamers watching YouTube each day. The ECS revenue sharing and co-ownership structure reinforces our belief that all players should have a voice. We know the CS:GO community is already watching clips, highlights, and rebroadcasts on YouTube, so we are excited to be able to bring them all this same action live”.

The partnership between the two will also increase viewer experience, as viewers will gain access to high quality 1080p 60fps streams which will place Youtube Gaming streams far ahead of popular streaming website While the viewers may drop in the short term for the ECS broadcasts as they part away from twitch, it is likely the ECS will be Youtube’s biggest esports investment and likely a trail to pave the way for the future.

Do you prefer twitch or YouTube?