EDG Expand to CSGO

Edward Gaming, one of the powerhouses in the Chinese LOL scene recently announced that they are venturing into CS:GO. This is one of the first big venture orgnaistaions from the region to foray into CS:GO.

Other organisations such as LGD, Ehome are expected to follow suit soon.


Their current roster includes :

EDG Csgo Team

  • Jianwei ‘wjw’ Wang
  • Zihao “Haoking” Han
  • Minhui “sPinach” Sun
  • Yi “pohant” Ding
  • Kun “ABR” Qian


This roster does not raise much eyebrows. The only “big players” within this team are wjw and Haoking. They recently played in the just-concluded Starseries LAN finals for All gamers.


The roster is quite inexperienced, but with the backing of a very good gaming organisation, we have seen weaker teams become much better. This follows up of the recently announced news of a $100,000 Chinese CSGO tournament.