EDG vs Signature, Tips Odds and Betting Previews, Esports Festival



EDG and Signature are matched up against each other in the Esports Festival Closed qualifier to be held on the 3rd of August 2016 at 1000 CEST

EDG have had mediocre success when it comes to winning matches. The predominantly Chinese team definitely has not been able to score dominant victories in their matches. Considering the best team that they have faced off against is mith, it’s not much of an achievement

Signature on the other hand have had wins over teams such as nxl, mith , Expendables. These teams , especially nxl are pretty good teams and seeing that victory puts them at an advantage.


Overall the matchup is pretty even considering the fact that the teams are quite inconsistent in nature, but if one had to bet it would be on signature.


The prediction : 55℅-45℅ Signature

The bet : low signature