Edward Gaming gets CS:GO team!

Top tier League of Legends gaming team “Edward Gaming”, winner of the 2015 LPL Summer Split and 2015 Mid seasonal Invitationals have finally aquired a competitive Counter Strike team.


There has been much anticipation about Edward Gaming signing a team for another game after their superb performance in the League of Legends scene. This is great news for the organization, since CS:GO is also continuingly growing, similar to LoL.

They have announced they will have a 5 man roster, with no substitute. All players are Chinese and are known fairly well in the Chinese scene, however, they are unknown in the International scene since they have not played much outside the China / Asia region in tournaments.

edg cs.go

The roster includes :
China MinHui “sPiNacH” Sun
China Yi “pohant” Ding
China Kun “ABR” Qian
China JianWei “wjw” Wang
China ZiHao “HaoKing” Han