Edward Gaming sub out Pawn for Scout

Edward Gaming has decided to bench former World champion Pawn in favor of Scout.


Pawn has played in both of Edward gaming’s matches so far, fairing well in the two games as 5-2-4 on Vlad and 3-2-3 on Karma. The reason EDG likely subbed out pawn for scout is simply the reason so both players have an opportunity to played at worlds. Last year at Worlds, SKT did this too, where they swapped out the god of mid lane “Faker” out in favor of “Easyhoon”. Sure Faker would be considered to be better, but they decided to let their mid-lane substitute get some exposure and attention too.


Since EDG decided to swap out former world champion Pawn for scout, there is no doubt fans of EDG will expects heaps from Scout. Sure scout is relatively new to the League of Legends scene, but the fact that he was previously an SKT mid lane substitute speaks magnitudes about his standards. I expect EDG to perform well with the day 4 introduction of Scout, and look forward to seeing Scout play more in the upcoming matches.