Edward Gaming vs. Energy Pace maker – LPL 2016 – Week 7 – Day 4 – Preview

Edward Gaming vs. Energy Pace maker are matched up against each other for the Tencent LoL Pro League Series to be held Sunday March 20, 2016 in Day 4, Week 7 of the competition.


These are the games that EDG are expected to win in order to advance in the standings from their current disappointing split. When it come to versing lower tier teams, strong individual talent can temporarily mask their communication and cohesive problems.

One of the big problems that Energy Pace Maker have faced this season is being ‘out-aggressed’ in their game play. More confident and controlled game play out of another team can supress their intentions and talent. Pair that with Energy’s habit of tunnelling too hard on pointless fights and objectives and you have a bottom tier team.

EDG should be able to translate strong individual talent into flawless team fights that coordinate ultimates well. They should be able to sweep the best of 3 in a convincing two game victory.

Prediction: Edward Gaming 80% | Energy Pace Maker 20%