Efrag vs CG – CSGO Minor ( Europe ) Tips, Odds and Preview

Efrag vs CG

CSGL Minor Europe

This is the first group stage match of group a. First of all about this minor. The winner gets a chance to directly qualify for the MLG Columbus qualifier in addition to a prize money of $30000. That in itself should be motivation enough for any of these teams participating.




This is definitely the numero uno tier 2 team in the CIS region. They have consistently dominated the scene with incredible performances against lower tier teams of the region. They have also been the cause of several upsets against tier one high skilled teams. Efrag as a team have their strengths lying in their teamwork coupled with their aim. Recently however they have been in a slump. They lost to alternate attached and tied a game with Vexed.


Cringe gods


CG is a majority Swedish lineup with a Dane and a Finn. As a team they have been newly thrust into the spotlight. Their recent results show losses to alternate attached and two wins against LDLC.blue. while those are decent results it really does not signify a significant win which can be considered as an upset.


The Bet


Overall Efrag are definitely the better team in this matchup. It would indeed be very surprising if Efrag manage to lose this match.


The Prediction: 805-20% Efrag

The Bet : Medium on Efrag