Efrag vs CSGL – Acer Predator Masters Finals Tips, Odds and Preview

Efrag vs CSGL

APM Season 2

Efrag and CSGL will play against each other for the Acer Predator Master Finals Losers Round 2 at 16:00 CET.




Efrag have been pretty inconsistent of late. They came into this LAN with a really disappointing performance in their online matches. Having consistently losing to lesser teams, they were pretty much in a bad state. However during this LAN, they have been decent. They obviously have not been able to go all the way to upsetting better teams as they used to earlier, however they have had some decent results on certain specific maps until now. Efrag however still are way lower in their form right now than CSGL.




CSGL had a huge scare yesterday in their match against Vexed. After winning the first map quite easily, they lost the second map with a humiliating scoreline on Train. Considering Train is one of the best maps for Vexed, that was understandable. The third map was Cobblestone, which is one of the worst maps for CSGL. They had a very bad match on Cobblestone on the previous day too. They were up 11-4 in the first half, however after choking hard, they drew the map at 15-15. They did manage to close it out in overtime quite easily winning 21-16.


The Prediction : 68%-32% CSGL

The Bet : Low  to Medium on CSGL

Risk : Low to Medium on CSGL