Efrag vs Nostalgie – UCC Finals Tips, Odds and Preview

Uprise Championship Cup Season 4


Efrag and Nostalgie are matched up against each other for the UCC Semi Finals Match to be held on the 17th of February 2016 at 10:00 CET



Efrag have had some good results recently. Their recent matches include wins over ATN, Orgless and CSGL. These teams have definitely had their own share of successes. Efrag have been around for a longer period of time and seem to have better a good mix of chemistry and experience. Coming into this match, Efrag has the upper hand for sure.



Nostalgia have added several new players in their team. Their current roster for this tournament is Magiksboi, Glaive, Sanden, Cadian and Snappi. This team is a pretty new and have not played together for a long period of time. It seems they’ve just put this roster together for this particular tournament. We cannot really compare the team’s previous results because the roster has changed so much. Either way Nostalgie are definitely the underdogs coming into this match.


The Prediction: 68%-32% on Efrag

The Bet : Medium on E-Frag

Risk : 4/10