eFuture signs PERCY


eFuture has signed their fifth member, PERCY

PERCY will be joining eFuture and is currently on a trial period. eFuture is an up and coming team in the international scene, and already has “NaToSaphiX” too on a trial period. The main reason why eFuture publically announced these two players were on trial were because they wanted to test the players, and are willing to immediately test their ability to work as a team in upcoming tournaments. This mean the deal between eFuture and PERCY has yet to be fully confirmed, however, it is certain we will be being PERCY in the near future.

The Chinese organisation eFuture first broke their entrance into cs.go when they unexpectedly signed the Danish roster. Unfortunately, they failed to qualify for the “StarLadder i-League Season 3 Finals” and were also unable to make it out of group stage in the China Cup 2017, losing to fnatic ACADEMY and 5POWER. However, eFuture hold the 8th spot in ESEA Premier Season 24 and the possibility to qualify for the Global Challenge is still open.

We will see the team competing fully in the upcoming Copenhagen Games and Dust2.dk Masters.