EG Desperate to Fill Roster

With the shock of Arteezy and Universe leaving the reigning TI champions, EG are two players down just days out from the roster lock-in for the upcoming TI.

EG are guaranteed an invite to TI6 due to Valve’s policy of inviting the previous winner, but unless they find two players in just 3 days, the defending champions may not even have a team.

No official comments from EG management or players have been released, however their mad scrambling to talk to free and contracted players has kicked up some dust and the rumours are flying.

Current rumours

The most likely candidates for the free roles on EG are Aui_2000 and Bulba.

Aui_2000 was famously kicked from the EG roster after playing a key role in securing them victory in TI5. Aui was picked up by a new team formed by SUNSfan, Team Digital Chaos (DC).

The rumours that Aui is now free to be re-signed by EG come from SUNSfan’s tweet that DC is dead, plus their other team members are looking for a new roster

While other free players are reportedly thinking about forming their own teams, Aui and Bulba are not featuring in those discussions, causing people to believe the rumours.

Bulba looks to be very likely too, he’s been spotted trying out for the team and putting EG in front of his in-game name.

Other contestors

With Aui_2000 and Bulba not yet confirmed. there are plenty of other players who are currently teamless ahead of the upcoming roster deadline and would love to be part of a team with a guaranteed TI invite.

One of the top contenders is Khezu a former HoN player who recently moved to Dota and is currently ranked 7.5k. As an experienced offlaner from HoN, he could be the young blood EG needs to replace the offlane veteran Universe.

Both W33haa and MiSeRy are also yet to announce their new teams. Having just helped Secret win the Winter Major, both players will be in hot demand. EG may be tempted to offer them positions on EG to do a straight swap with Secret.

What now?

With only a few days left we can expect to hear some big announcements from EG, as well as possilbe new teams formed from all the free players looking for teams at the moment.

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