EireOnline Group Summary

EIRE Online Flyer-1EireONLINE – Ireland CSGO Tournament.

In September 2015 I had an idea of how to increase popularity within my country’s Counter Strike scene with a small tournament that would be casted and monitored closely. I had the intention of binding a divisive community for two days and exposing some of Ireland best players.

Today, the 22nd of March we hosted the group stages of EireOnline the first community lead initiative showcasing Irish talent.

With such a small scene it was easy to organise but we ran into some timing difficulties such as people being late from work and other commitments however this did not affect the overall running of the tournament.

Our group stages were seeded last month.

Group A;
– Radiant
– BlackOut Esports

Group B;
– Dean’s Mix
– We Dem Boiz
– Wicklow Wallies
– Team Kebub

The games were played and casted by the community with special guest Brod from PGL.

The teams who moved forward to the semi finals were ; NSG, BlackOut Esports, Dean’s Mix and Team Kebub.

We are excited to see how it plays out tommorow.

Watch the games live tommorow from 5PM GMT at www.twitch.tv/EireOnline

Calvin Hynes.