EireONLINE Semi Finals Preview

EIRE Online Flyer-1

EireOnline Semi Finals Preview.

Tommorow, the 23rd of March EireONLINE will continue into its second day for the Semi Finals following its exciting group stages today.

In Group A our qualifiers, BlackOut Esports have a full house of wins with an 100% win rate so far throughout EireOnline in Group A. Their aggressive and unexpected tactics mix well in coordinating themselves towards a win. They had a strong force on Mirage with two wins over NSG (16 – 13) and SFA (16 – 6) with another win also over Radiant (16 – 4).

Nuclear Storm Gaming also known as NSG have won two out of three of their maps with a shattering loss against BlackOut Esports on Mirage however their attempts qualified them for the semi finals. They won SFA 16 – 8 on Cobblestone and also a crushing 16 – 2 against Radiant.

In Group B we have, in my view, the favourite of this tournament Dean’s Mix and we also see Team Kebub grab the last spot.

Dean’s Mix have completely demolished their opponents with a punishing 16 – 2 result against Wicklow Wallies, 16 – 6 against Team Kebub and also a very close, nail biter on Cache against We Dem Boiz with a 16 – 14 result.

Team Kebub are the second favourite to win with an extremely strong roster including captain NLINE.

The semi finals are best of threes with veto to decide the maps. Tommorow we see NSG face Dean’s MIX and we also see Team Kebub face BlackOut Esports. This will be interesting to watch.

Watch the games live on the 23rd of March from 5PM GMT at www.twitch.tv/EireOnline

I expect to see Dean’s Mix and BlackOut Esports in the final based on their 100% win rates from the tournament so far.

Calvin Hynes.