Elements Pro Gaming drops Dota 2 roster


Due to poor performance this season, EPG has dropped their entire Dota 2 roster

Elements Pro Gaming will be dropping their Dota 2 player roster due to their recent declining performance. While the EPG team looked extremely promising, where they were expected to top other teams in the TI7 qualifiers, they failed to do so. This was prominently due to the departure of 2 key members, ‘Swiftending’ and ‘Pingvincek’ which have yet to find new homes to represent.

This led to a huge drop of team moral and overall performance, with following results showing the team truly did decline. While the team initially found quick replacements, the skill gaps between their previous laners compared to the replacements were too large, and team synergy lacked severely. In addition, more players were dropped leading to a further lack of synergy and more disappointing results, even with the signing of stronger individual players.

It is likely EPG will return back into the competitive Dota 2 scene next season, but will indefinitely take a break currently and likely find a complete roster to start in the coming months.