Elements vs. Fnatic – EU LCS – Week 9 – Day 1 – Preview

Elements vs. Fnatic are matched up against each other for the European League of Legends Series to be held Thursday, March 17, 2016 – Week 9 – Day 1

Steve : Gamsu

Gilius : Spirit

Eika : Febiven

MrRalleZ : Rekkles

Sprattel : Klaj

Fnatic Logo

Elements are currently tied for 7th, the safe spot that just misses out on the relegation tournament. Splyce, who they are tied with, beat them recently, so in the case of a tie breaker, Splyce could have the edge. As such, Elements need to win both their games this week in order to put the pressure back onto Splyce. They can’t make it into the playoffs, but if they can clinch the 7th spot, then the pressure will be off and they can put more practise in for next split. They will need to play well as a team, communicating well and making no mistakes as Fnatic are likely to be able to capitalize on them if they do.

For Fnatic, they will need to get every win for higher seeding going into the playoffs. They should be targeting this game as a possible win. They have been playing well since their games at IEM Katowice and they seem more cohesive, communicating better than they have before. Febiven should easily outclass Eika, and could even get solo kills if Eika’s game sense hasn’t sharpened up since last week, as he has been quite sloppy, especially in the laning phase.

Overall, Elements are going to be trying hard to get the win here, but Fnatic do have the mechanical skill, as well as macro play to win this. Elements need to make no mistakes, and if they have a lead they need to snowball it, but not overextend and throw it away if they want to win.

Chance of victory: Elements: 30% : Fnatic: 70%