Giants vs. Elements – EU LCS 2016 – Week 6 – Day 2 – Preview

Giants vs. Elements are matched up against each other for the European League of Legends Challenger Series to  be held Friday February 19, 2016 in Day 2, Week 6 of the competition.

Atom : Steve

BetongJocke : Gilius

xPePii : Eika

Adryh : MrRalleZ

G0DFRED : sprattel


Based on standings alone, both these teams are struggling and need wins wherever they can get them. This game is vital to both teams. I think that Element’s laners are better mechanically than those of Giants, and MrRalleZ has the capability to solo carry if needed. I think this game could well have many throws, as both teams are seemingly less capable of swiftly ending games when they are able to, and instead rely on dragging out the game, whether that’s to get the 5th dragon buff, or a baron buff, in order to finalise the game, both of which give plenty of time for the losing team to make a comeback.

Predictions: Giants: 35% l Elements: 65%