Elite Wolves accused of match-Fixing vs Infamous

EliteWolvesElite Wolves have been accused of match-fixing after large last minute changes in betting odds have accompanied weird behaviour, and seemingly blatant throws.

Elite Wolves were pitted to play against Infamous in ProDotA Cup. Warning signs first started when the odds for Infamous to win went from 1.3 to 1.8 right before the match started.

/u/interesting3 on reddit documented the change in odds and updated his post through the games. By the second game the commentators were suspicious and voiced that “something is going on”.

As soon as the players became aware of the discussion surrounding the game, and some viewers had found players discussing encouraging people to bet on the match, the players started deleting the posts and changing their profile names and pictures.

More suspicious behaviour came when Sam Manuelson, a ProDotA Cup admin confronted the teams about the accusations. Some players joined the conversation but left immediately and the team manager refused to supply proof of their stories. They were encouraging friends to bet, and picked strange heroes they barely play, but refused to hand over screenshots of the discussions or games where they practiced the heroes.

ProDotA cup has released a statement on Reddit stating that they will continue to investigate, but will delay paying winnings until  more information has emerged.

Highlights from the allegedly fixed match have been compiled by NoobFromUA, and they look very damning.

Further claims have emerged that previous games have also been fixed, and a larger group of teams who game betting on their low profile games has emerged.

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