ENCE vs Epsilon, Tips Odds and Previews,



ENCE and Epsilon are matched up against each other in the StarSeries Matches to be held on the 28th of July 2016 at 2100 CEST.


ENCE´s recent record has seen them  playing off against some really good teams such as Space Soldiers, Preparation.The results of these matches have almost always been fairly close irrespective of the results. ENCE;s roster consists of players such as sunny, xarte, allu. The quality of these players is quite good and they have competed against the top teams consistently. ENCE despite not having a perfect 5 wins in their recent matches, have played against much better teams especially when compared to EPsilon


Epsilon have been winning all their matches but when you look at the quality of teams that they are facing off against, its quite normal to see them win. Their wins dont mean much since the teams they have faced are all weak and the skill gap is quite evident.


Playing the odds, I feel ENCE has a real chance to win here.


The Prediction : 55%-45% ENCE

The Bet : Low on ENCE