ENCE vs Publiclir.se – Copenhagen Games – Tips, Odds and Preview

Copenhagen Games

ENCE and Publiclir are matched up against each other in the Copenhagen Games Group Stage Match to be held on the 25th of March 2016 at 10:00 CET.



  • ENCE are the number one Finnish CS:GO team. Their roster: ENCE roster
  • ENCE Maps – ENCE Maps
  • Their best maps seem to be Mirage, Inferno and Dust2. However there is a shortage of comfortable maps for the finnish team. As we can see from the image, they have played very little of the custom maps (Overpass, Train and Cobblestone).
  • This leads them to be vulnerable and at a disadvantage during the veto process
  • Their opponents today are Publiclir.se . ENCE’s aim is definitely much better than Publiclir on paper


  • Publiclir’s roster – Publiclir Roster
  • The team usually dabbles amongst lower skilled teams. While they do win, the skill gap is usually quite high to expect anything else
  • Playing against ENCE, the team starts at a disadvantage
  • The only way they can potentially cause an upset is via maps and tactics

The Prediction : 65%-35% ENCE
The Bet : Medium ENCE (Risky as Bo1)