Enemy vs Epsilon Tips, Odds and Match Preview SMITE World Championships Final 2016

Smite world champs

Three days have passed in what feels like the blink of eye but not without leaving viewers excited, astonished, surprised, and proud of the game they all love. Yesterday showed no matter what the result of Pro League or Super Regionals is, everyone will always have a chance at victory.

SMITE World Championships Final 2016 Preview


Enemy Esports is on a roll through the Smite World Championship with very few people expecting their great success. Their performance can be compared to Cognitive Prime (now Cloud 9) during last year’s SWC who made it all the way to finals and took the title of the best Smite team in 2015 while being the underdogs. Enemy surely have the strength to take the title this year, displaying this strength against Paradigm in the semi-finals and taking the match 3-1. They have lost only one match in the tournament so far. Before they are crowned 2016 Smite Champions they must defeat the illustrious Epsilon. It will be their toughest game of the year, only fitting for the finals of SWC. If Enemy continue their fantastic map control and team composition building, along with great leadership from PainDeViande, the team will have a much simpler time overcoming their powerful opponents. That’s not say it will be easy though, Epsilon have had their eyes on the trophy and are set and ready to claim their prize.


Epsilon have shown great persistence and dominance in the SWC thus far. After taking down the powerful Cloud 9 in a 3-2 match result, Epsilon are now prepared for their final test to receive the title of the best Smite team in the world. This test will be far from a walk in the park as Enemy have surpassed all assumptions made against them. One could say Enemy have the weaker chance against Epsilon as Cloud 9 took the match against Enemy in the North American Super Regional finals and now Epsilon have defeated Cloud 9 so that could only mean Epsilon have the better chance of winning… right? Well if we’ve learnt anything from Enemy it is to never ever underestimate them. Epsilon will need to be able to adapt to whatever secrets Enemy have up their sleeves. As Bart, one of the commentators, mentioned yesterday it seems as though this tournament is being defined by the mid laners. Yammyn will need to be on point with every move he makes to outclass Khaos. Epsilon have a great chance at winning this match but as history shows, one chance is all Enemy needs.

This is the moment all SMITE fans have been waiting for. The final competitive match of the year to crown the best Smite team in the world.

Prediction: Enemy 50% – 50% Epsilon