Enter the Storm NA HOTS Qualifiers 2


Below are the current standings of the Enter the Storm Qualifier 2 with a prize pool of $10,000 and hardware prizes as well. Current standings look standard with the more experienced teams holding the top places. There are still plenty of qualifier weekends to come, so let’s see which teams to look out for.

Resurgence                                                        32

Team Blaze                                                        32

2ARC                                                                   24

Tempo Storm                                                    14

COG                                                                     12

Panda Global                                                     10

THC Black                                                            8

KOB Alpha                                                            8

oVo                                                                        6

Blank                                                                    4

Tempo Storm has had a lot of trouble with their new roster trying to gain points in these qualifiers and placing where they want to be in the tournament. They need to come together and find their groove with the new roster to come back on top as one of the best 4 teams in North America and live up to the name of the brand.

Resurgence, made from disbanded free-agents is one of the new up and coming teams in the scene. They have been playing very well together, but last qualifier seemed to hit a rough patch,  but keep these guys on your radar.

Team Blaze is one of the best teams in North America, with their constant gameplay changes, moves, and shift of the metaand  some of the most diverse players in North America They are always able to come up with new strategies for the scene, definitely a team to look out for.

COGnitive Gamings new roster is proclaimed to be Top 4 NA, but their placements have been saying otherwise. Still a team near and dear to the scene, I believe they will come together and the placement points that they need to place well in the tournament.

Keep your eyes on the North American scene for more updates and stay tuned and follow me for more updates on Heroes of the Storm competitive scene and gameplay. These are your teams to watch in the competitive scene Enter the Storm Qualifiers. We’ll watch them as they earn more points and see who moves onto the next step in the playoffs!