EnVyUs : Devil replaces KioShima

Yesterday, EnVyUs Team Owner Hastro tweeted out that EnVyUs would be undergoing a roster change in the evening.




EnVyUs released the news at 18:00 CET and announced that Kioshima would be leaving the team to be replaced by Devil.




Démolon is regarded as one of the emerging young talents in the French Counter-Strike scene. He has helped LDLC.White to 3 titles and 6 Grand Final appearances within the last 10 months including a recent championship win at ASUS ROG Assembly Winter in Helsinki, Finland. Démolon brings explosive rifling to an EnVy CS:GO lineup who is known for their precision aim and fragging ability

EnVyUs had been lacking in their strategic aspect to their gameplay and their dismal results were showcased during the IEM Katowice tournament.

During Katowice NBK of Team IGL during explained the issues bogging down Team EnVyUs



When asked about what Démolon can bring to the team, current EnVy In Game Leader and rifler Nathan “NBK” Schmitt had this to say:

“He has all around ability. DEVIL is a hard worker and proved it with LDLC.White. I have faith that he will keep proving his worth in the future. Bringing a new player to the front of the scene is always exciting and I am confident that we can achieve great things so long as the effort is there. The team and myself trust him entirely and we’re looking forward to beginning work with him.”

When asked about the change, EnVyUs Managing Director Mike “Hastr0” Rufail had this to say:

“Our team works very hard to maintain the pedigree we have developed as defending major champions. The recent results have not been what we have come to expect and what we are working towards. It is always a last resort for us to make a roster change, but in this case, we believed it was necessary in order to regain the momentum we had going into the last major of 2015. We are looking forward to working with DEVIL and watching him make his name recognized on the forefront of professional CS:GO and esports in general.”


You can watch DEVIL’s debut with the EnVy CS:GO lineup in their ESL Pro League double header matchup vs French rivals G2 Esports today beginning at 21:00 CET/3:00pm US EST.


The other team members warmly welcomed Devil into the team.