EnVyUs vs Complexity Tips Odds and Betting Preview – E League 2016


EnVyUs and Complexity are matched up against each other in the Semi Finals of E League Group F to be held on the 30th of June 2016 at 20:00 CEST


EnVyUs have won five matches and lost a single map to VP so far in this tournament. They have looked decent with much of their aim returning ( at least better than what it was a few weeks/months ago). EnVyUs’ map pool is quite is similar to the maps that Complexity as a team would like to play. In all fairness, EnVyUs does have a sort of NA map pool, with them loving to play on Cache, Cobblestone. The French are also quite good on Mirage and have taken a liking to Train in some of their recent matches. With these four maps being favorable to them, it leaves out dust2, Nuke, Overpass. EnVyUs should be wanting to ban Nuke and overpass as Dust2 is a map that they can definitely handle.

Complexity on the other hand have not still shown any decent results. They did win Cache against Gambit, but it was also a bit of luck involved due to the pistol eco win and shots through smokes being lucky.


The maps favor EnVyUs as does the aim. They are the better ranked team by a long margin and Complexity has not shown any results in this tournament nor in their previous online matches


The Prediction : 80%-20% EnVyUs

The Bet : High EnVyUs