EnVyUs vs Dignitas Tips, Odds and Preview – GameShow Global Cup 2016


This is the first match for the New Years for the these higher tier teams. Both were scheduled to play earlier but have instead come off Forfeit wins against their respective opponents yesterday. Coming off the new years both the teams would be slightly rusty in their approach to the game.

GameShow Global Cup

This particular match is a group stage match for GameShow Global Cup. Both the teams received FF wins yesterday against Aligon and BX3. Something to note is that considering the Group, both these teams are pretty much guaranteed to proceed to the next stage. I mean irrespective of the outcome of this match, you don’t really expect EnVyUs to lose to BX3, Aligon right? And neither should Dignitas lose to either teams irrespective of the team they are facing. In any case, the forfeit by both those teams yesterday pretty much shows that they have reconciled to the fact of them being out of the tournament.

Team Line ups

Firstly lets have a look at the steam Profiles of the players . The reason we are doing this is cause as its the first match of the New years it might just mean that they might be rusty and not too active.




apEX:  31.3 hours / 2 weeks

kennyS : 108.2 hours / 2 weeks

Happy:  Hasnt Played? /2 weeks

NBK:  22.4 hours /2 weeks

kioShiMa: 70 hours /2 weeks



Tenzki – 50 hrs/ 2 week

Rubino :  99.4 hours/ 2 wk

Kjaerbye:  67 hours / 2 week

MSL:  48.5 hours / 2 week

K0nfig : :   98 hours / 2 week


Here are our insights for the following match.


So first of all I should point out that EnVyUs haven’t really been on point in their latest matches with some losses to TSM, NaVi etc. They haven’t been performing as well as they should have and somewhere that does comedown to their map pool. It could be argued they have the worst map pool right now.


Dignitas we can see they have been just about Ok in the past few weeks. Something to note is that Nico hasn’t been too much playing right now. Anyways Dignitas as a team need to have some really good aim and some good maps in order to score a win. Its not highly improbably considering EnVyUs don’t seem too much on point recently. If you noticed some of the recent casters’ opinions, you would see them pointing out the same. EnVyUs don’t play from their Gaming House anymore, they don’t stay together. And somewhere the communication seems to be broken down. Don’t get me wrong, a bad EnVyUs is still way better than a decent Dignitas. So thats that.

Dignitas as a team have a certain set of maps that they prefer. Their Map Distribution in the last three months show them as preferring maps such as Cobblestone, Overpass Train.

If you see their map distribution its been pretty evenly matched. Over their past few matches its been Train and Overpass for the most part. Now something to see here is that EnVyUs hates Overpass and Train. Now they can ban only one map out of these right? This means that Dignitas will get a map that EnVyUs is not good on. It is a best of three and Dignitas do have to win one more map definitely, however getting control of the map veto is basically an advantage for Dignitas.

The Situation


  • EnVyUs almost guaranteed next group stage spot
  • They have miscommunication ( or lack of communication )
  • Casters and analysts saying that They haven’t been playing good and problems galore
  • Past examples of EnVyUs losing needless games ( Flipside at  5% ? 😀 )


That pretty much puts us in a spot where the bet is pretty much guaranteed. I would go for Dignitas here defintively. It really comes down to what you want. I will personally go medium on Dignitas, but my recomendation would be Low on Dignitas.


The Prediction :  EnVyUS 73% v Dignitas 27%.

The bet:: Bet on Dignitas at 25% or lower