EnVyUs vs Fnatic – ESL Finals Tips, Odds and Preview

EnVyUs and Fantic are matched up against each other for the ESL Group stage match to be held on the 16th of february 2016 at 22:00 CET. The map is Cache



EnVyUs are a very puggy team. They like playing loose and depending heavily on their aim in order to win matches. However we have seen them appoint Maniac as their coach. It will help them gain a tactical advantage over their opponents and as such it is an important step especially when playing against the top team sin the world. EnVyUs recently won a big LAN event after defeating Dignitas in the finals 3-0. Cache is a map that the French teams have always been good on. They have very strong T sides, but their CT sides cannot be underestimated. EnVyUs would be pretty happy to play on Cache. However they do have a prior match on Inferno before this match. EnVYUs is a very emotional team who can go on tilt if they do not have good communications and good plays. As such the nature of their previous match will be extremely  important. If they are crushed in the previous match their miracle for this match would be very low and they would not be a safe bet


The new lineup of Fnatic definitely has been favoring Cache by a long margin. They prefer their game style which suits their plays on Cache. As a team Fnatic are definitely a good team right now with all their players hitting the right notes in terms of gameplay. Fnatic’s performance has been stellar recently with several LAN’s won and also crushing opponents online

The prediction: This match really depends on the previous match. Advise would be to watch the previous match on Inferno and then bet. However 55%-45% Fnatic

The bet : Low on Fnatic

Risk: High