EnVyUs vs Gambit | E League Group F | Tips Odds and Preview


EnVyUs and Gambit are matched up against each other in the Group Stage of E Legaue Group F to be held on the 28th of June 2016 at 20:40 and 21:50 CEST respectively.


EnVyUs were once the best team in the world. But as quick was their rise, so was their fall from Grace. It is probably the first time that the French team of EnVyUS was lower in rank than their counterparts in Gamers2. EnVyUs have always been more reliant on their aim and their flashy gameplay rather than any specific set of smokes or set strats. Their aim has helped them achieve great success. With players such as KennyS, Happy and NBK, this team  has shown wonders with insane clutches. Their map pool however is not the best for such a talented team. They generally prefer open maps such as Cache, Cobblestone and Dust2. These maps rely more on aim and give more space for maneouvering. Recently however they have been playing more on Mirage and Train as well. If you check the results of EnVyUs, you will not be wanting to bet on them. But on Closer look, you will check the dates and realise the massive improvement in the team especially for the offline qualifiers.


Gambit were a revelation during the offline qualifiers. They managed to defeat EnVyUs in the second match on Cobblestone. But it seemed that the CIS side got lucky with most of the drafting phase. They got to play only on Cobblestone and Train, which seem to be very good maps for them. Since the offline qualifier, Gambit have gone back to being a mediocre team online. They are a better team on LAN than online, however it is also to be noted that E League is held at Atlanta. Travelling and time difference will affect the CIS players who are not used to travelling as much as the top teams. As the major draws nearer, EnVyUs will have practiced much especially in order to avenge their group stage exit at MLG Columbus 2016.


The maps are Dust2 and Cobblestone. I am fairly sure EnVYUs should win Cobblestone almost 9 out of 10 times. This is despite them already losing to Gambit at the Offline qualifiers on Cobblestone. EnVyUs have something to go off on now since Gambit have played quite a bit of Cobblestone since.


Dust2 is a map that both teams have had mixed results on. EnVyUs have not played Dust as frequently as they used to before. In June 2016, they played one map of Dust2 against Immortals once and won that ap 16-6. Gambit on the other hand have payed Dus2, but considering that most of these matches have been against unknown teams, it seems a bit tricky to bet on this one. I would still suggest betting on EnVyUs as they are the better team and they did thrash Immortals 16-6 recently. Immortals didnt have the best offline qualifier but by no means are they a bad team as was demonstrated at Dreamhack Summer.


The Prediction : 75%-25% EnVyUs on Cobblestone ; 65%-35% EnVYUs on Dust2

The Bet : Medium on EnVyUs for both the matches.