EnVyUs vs Gambit Tips, Odds and Betting Preview – E League 2016



EnVyUs and Gambit are matched up against each other int he Group stage of E League Group F to be held on the 29th of June 2016 at 18:00 CEST


EnVyUS were quite dominant in their matches yesterday against Gambit and they played well against VIrtus Pro too. All the matches saw both teams making double digits but EnVyUS pulled out victorious in the end. EnVyUs Roster definitely has a very aggressive style of play ,and their success depends wholeheartedly on their superior aim.


Complexity as has already been seen yesterday just lack the team play in order to defeat a team like EnVyUs. They definitely do not have the same level of aim as EnVyUs. The disappointment on the faces of the Complexity guys was well visible during the Cobblestone match against VIrtus Pro, where they managed very few CT rounds.


EnVyUs is as strong a T side team as VP. I dont expect Complexity to be able to resist the EnVyUs Charge if it comes their way.


Cobblestone should be favorable to EnVyUs. Even though Complexity might be able to make it close, EnVYUs should be able to pull through in the end.


Train is a map that EnVyUs used to ban a lot. But its not really an untouchable map for them ( aka Cobblestone for Astrails, NaVi for Cache). EnVyUs definitely can play Train and they have won Train against many teams earlier.


I think EnVyUs should be able to win both the maps against Complexity. Complexity is obviously more well versed with Cobblestone than Train and hence if there would be a chance of an upset on any map, it has to be Cobblestone.

But EnVyUs should be able to pull out ahead either ways


The Prediction : 65%-35% EnVyUs on Cobblestone, 73%-27% EnVyUs on Train

The Bet ; Medium on EnVyUs on both the maps. eleague