EnVyus vs GBots – ESL Barcelona Tips, Odds and Preview

ESL barcelonaEnVyUs and GBots are matched up against each other in the ESL Barcelona LAN Tournament on the 20th of February 2016 at 11:00 CET.




The Alliance sees Gamers 2 putting EnVyUs against the weaker Gbots team. EnVyUs are really very good team and they are one of the favorites to win this tournament. The map is Mirage and its a map that EnVyUs have been consistently improving on. EnVyUs have defeated some really good Mirage teams in LANs earlier. Their matches yesterday was pretty good itself. The general skill gap between the teams is quite high here.




Gbots are the local spanish team. Surprisingly they have had some really good matches so far. They played two matches and lost both the matches 16-14. Losing to Fnatic 16-14 must definitely have been heartbreaking. This team has potential and they can pull off upsets against Tier one teams as was evident in the close scorelines yesterday.


The prediction: 80%-20% EnVyUs

The Bet : ICB – Low on Gbots