EnVyUs vs Misfits; Tips and Previews – Overwatch Open 2016



EnVyUs and Misfits are matched up against each other in the Grand finals of the Overwatch open 2016 to be held on the 1st of October 2016 at 0400 CEST.

EnVyUs sped through the NA qualifiers and reached the grand finals of the Overwatch Open. Their journey however was not as easy as many had predicted. The team had quite a few hiccups, with some really close Overtime matches in the groups. Despite winning 2-0 in both the Groups stage matches, they had really close calls against Splyce on King’s Row and yet again against Liquid on Numbani. It was the strong defense by EnVyUs that led them to edge out in the matches. The playoffs were relatively easy for the InternetHulk led team and they breezed through Cloud9 and Fnatic. Team EnVyUs likes to play on Payload / Escort maps. They are yet raw on Control points and there have been much better teams than them on Control points.

Misfits on the other hand is a team that is still undergoing changes. The Misfits roster has some stand-in’s for this tournament. They are on trial and it is yet to be ascertained how their role within the team will be managed. Consistently managing to come in the top three in various online leagues, Team Misfits has been a surprise revelation for many this tournament. They were not expected to make it past NIP, much less Rogue later in the finals. The Misfits roster depends heavily on their co-ordination in the maps. They may not always have the ult-advantage, however their co-ordination makes it possible for them to dodge enemy ult’s or just divert the fights in a direction which suits them.


This match-up is going to be exciting as we see two teams with varying styles of gameplay. While EnVyUs plays aggressive and tries to exert their dominance, Misfit’s matches have been extremely close. Most of their matches have gone to Overtime and it seems the last minute dash always works for them at this Overwatch Open 2016.

Who will you be rooting for in this match? Will it be Misfits? or the Champion in EnVyUs?