EnVyUs vs NRG – Counter Pit LAN Finals Tips, Odds and Preview

Counter Pit

EnVyUs and NRG are matched up against each other in the Counter Pit LAN finals to be held on the 17th of March 2016 at 19:45 CET.




EnVyUs have recently had a roster change replacing Kioshima with Devil from LDLC.White and subsequently have won several matches. The team have been performing with a renewed vigor and the results can be seen in their performance so far.

The last LAN that EnVyUs attended was IEM Katowice where overall their performance was quite poor. The French team bowed out in the group stages.

Roster changes seem to bode well for the French Team. They had a roster change 30 days prior to Cluj Napoca where they went on to win the Major. This time should be no different.

EnVyUs are a top tier team with quite a limited map pool however they are one of the best teams on Cache and Cobblestone. Recently their Mirage and Train have also improved tenfold.



NRG csgo

NRG roster


NRG lineup


NRG, formed around player GoB B will soon be adding the ex-method stars Silent and Justin. Along with legija and Ptr these young players have learnt a lot and there has been a vast improvement in their gameplay.


Online, the team has had decent success in their matches. Their win – loss ratio is approximately 60%.


NRG Online


However they have not played a single LAN event with this roster and as such they remain an unknown entity into this matchup.


EnVyUs are known to underperform in the first match of a LAN. However they still remain the favorites in this matchup.

The prediction : 70%-30% EnVyUs

The Bet : Medium on EnVyUs